Discovery Education

Have you ever looked for educational videos online?  Did you feel like you exhausted your search without finding just the right materials?  Now is a great time for GCISD teachers to explore the educational videos and digital media of Discovery Education!
Getting Started Discovery Education has a collection of learning tools that teachers can use to bring concepts to life.  Visit the Discovery Education website or access the site through ClassLink to get started.  If you need help with your username and password, your GCISD campus librarian can assist you.  
Ways to Search for Digital Media One way to search for digital media is by entering a topic/person into the search bar, such as George Washington, then filtering the results to find content either by grade levels (K-2, 3-5, etc.) or type of digital media.  Searching by grade level groups allows you to view content that is generally more appropriate and appealing for your age of students. Searching based on the type of digital media all…

Prodigy Online Math 1st - 8th

Prodigy is web-based mathematics software for grades 1st through 8th.  The layout resembles video/digital games.
Teachers click the + sign to create a class. Enter the name (Ex: 3rd Period) and select a grade level.  (Prodigy does show the option of adding rosters through Google Classroom.)

The class will now show in Your Active Classes. It will show the number of students in the class (0 since we have yet to add any) and the class code.  click View Class to see Dashboard, Students, Planner and Report.

While in View Class mode, select Students.  It will indicate you do not have any. If you follow through the windows, and select for students to create their own login, you will see the window to the left. It (a) shows class code,  (b) gives the address for students to visit and (c) instructs them to select New Student.  (The teacher is able to change students grade level, move them to a different class or delete the student account.)
When students click New Student …


DyKnow is a web based program used by GCISD teachers in grades 5-12 to monitor and manage student devices in a 1:1 Chromebook or laptop classroom. I had the chance to pilot DyKnow last year in my 9th grade English class and LOVED having the ability to manage student technology in ways I never was previously able to do. Here are a few of my favorite features:
Monitoring Student Screens
With DyKnow I could see what each of my students was doing at any moment during the class. By simply clicking on a student name, I could see the student’s computer screen on my teacher screen. Most of the time my students were on task, but this feature came in handy when needing to redirect those students who somehow found themselves on off task websites.
Sending Messages & Locking Screens Have you ever needed your class’ full attention, but they just can’t seem to find the willpower to stop typing and listen to your instructions? With DyKnow, you can control all screens with the click of your mouse, im…

Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship will be highlighted in GCISD during the weeks of January 9-12 and 16-19. Teachers and staff can access multiple resources on the link below to continue the discussion with students and families.
The Digital Citizenship in GCISD website (only accessible to GCISD staff) has relevant information for all grade levels. The Digital Citizenship in the Curriculum article byDaniel Krutka and Jeffrey Carpenter challenges our thinking related to the type of technological education and access that is shared with students.
The top right corner of the Digital Citizenship in GCISD website has links to both Elementary and Secondary content. Elementary topics include lessons, announcements, parent communication, videos for students, and TEKS. Secondary topics include a model digital citizenship comprehensive plan, activity ideas, announcements, and TEKS and ISTE standards.
The resources are designed to be flexible based on your students' current needs and previous learning.  We ap…

Beyond an Hour of Code

Recently GCISD K-8 students were able to participate in Hour of Code, a week-long global event to encourage students to engage in computer science activities! We thought some teachers might be looking for ways to go beyond an Hour of Code as we head into the spring semester.

One option is that offers all new courses in Computer Science Fundamentals for students ages 4-13. Students can log in through Classlink by clicking the button after sign on and logging in with their GCISD Google account! They can code from there on one of the courses below or you can set up a class beforehand for them to join (similar to Google Classroom). A benefit to setting up a class for your students is that you can view their progress as they work through the courses. There is also an express course to use with older students, such as middle school, that covers the materials in Courses C-F. Find the lesson plans for all Courses A-F here.

Watch the video below to learn how to set up your c…

Breakout Edu

Where to begin?
Last year the wonderful Suzanne Barker (Learning Liaison @ GES) introduced many across the district to Breakout Edu. 

If you are interested in Breakout Edu, ask your Learning Liaison to see what dates they are available. (A calendar has been shared with all Liaisons.)  They will check the availability of the Breakout Edu Kits.  A request will be submitted and I (Susan Hill) will deliver kits to you.  Prior to students using kits, an Instructional Coach can meet and help you create your own Breakout Edu or choose an already-created game. 

Click Sign-Up or Sign-in depending on whether or not you have an account.  You can log-in using your Google account. 

After logging in (or signing up), click Platform at the top right of the page.   There are many free games to choose from that can be found by selecting "User Generated." (Select Math, then User Generated Math, or Science, User Generated Science.) You can also search for games.  …


ClassLinkis available for both students and teachers to use as a single sign-on portal for GCISD sites.  ClassLink is intended to simplify the log-in process by saving usernames and passwords for some of your accounts.
If you're a first time user of ClassLink, I highly recommend following the steps that Kat Sparks from technology services briefly outlines in CL Instructions. She also includes how to connect your Google account.  There are two options for accessing ClassLink, either as an iPad app or on the GCISD ClassLink website.  
Option 1- ClassLink iPad App Open the iPad app
Type the teacher or student username/password (view the CL Instructions link above for help with this step).  Click the box next to "Save password" if you want to save your log-in information (recommended for students). 

On the iPad home screen, students have access to frequently used learning tools such Istation, ARMS, Prodigy, Library resources (including Overdrive) and more.

Important: Students will…