TCEA Highlight: Publishing Student Books for Free

Looking for a place for your students to publish interactive books online, for free?  Take a look at ePub Bud.  ePub Bud allows students to create their own original eBooks that can then be read online or downloaded to a variety of e-readers.

ePub Bud has a growing library of books written by students on a variety of subjects.  ePub Bud encourages students to rate and share links to books they are reading.  When students are ready to being the process of writing their own book, students use the simple word processing like tools for formatting and editing their story.  ePub Bud also accepts just about any file type so students can also upload original artwork or sound files to read along and personalize their writing.  The possibilities are endless! 

Completed books can then be converted to the standard .epub file format.   Books can then be opened on an iPad, iPhone, iPod, Nook, Kindle Fire, Kobo, or Andriod.  

Visit ePub Bud and start publishing!