ClassParrot-Safe Texting for the Classroom

Finally! A Hassle-free way for teachers to text their students!  ClassParrot is a closed messaging system allowing educators to reach students and parents without exchanging any personal contact information.

How it works:
First, teachers sign in to ClassParrot and add one or all of their classes.  A private code will be created for each class.  Next, students (and/or parents) will text the code using their cell phone to ClassParrot.  Then, let the communication begin back and forth between teacher, students and parents with last minute reminders, homework help, or anything to support the needs of the students. In this unique format, text messages can quickly be sent to entire classes.

Another convenient option is scheduling future messages.  Will your class remember to bring that important piece of research for Monday’s discussion?  Type the reminder on Thursday, schedule it for Sunday afternoon, and you’ve done one more thing to encourage your students.

For most teachers ClassParrot is a free service.  The first 500 credits (messages) are free.  Every month an additional 200 free credits are added to your account.  Need to send more messages? $9 a month will cover unlimited messages for unlimited classes.  There are also bundled plans for larger groups if teachers wanting to work together. 

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