Keynote Tips

Keynote Info - Version 1.6 (515)

Keynote Tutorial

Keynote Animation Direction

To change the size of the picture within a preset placeholder or frame, select the photo, click the paintbrush at the top of the screen, edit mask. You can also choose whether you want the photo or the text in front.

Self Playing
- Wrench Tool, Advanced, Presentation Type, Self-Playing

Slide Transition on Self Playing with a Movie Inserted (this allows time for the movie to play before the slide advances)
Select the movie, Animate
Build in (Start Movie), Options, Start Build After Transition
Select Movie, Build Out (Stop Movie), Options, On Tap
Click Done

Spell Check
- Close Keynote, click Settings (for the iPad), Scroll down to the App Section on the left, click Keynote, Check Spelling - ON