Monday, March 19, 2012


Wonderopolis, a part of the Thinkfinity community, is an amazing resource for getting kids to think.  Each day the site posts a question for students to ponder.  Some recent wonderings include... 

"What time would you travel to?"

"How much rain can a cloud hold?"
"If blood is red, why are veins blue?"

Click on the Wonder of the day for more information and further questions.  Each one has the same sections:
  •  a short introductory video
  • "Have you ever wondered..." with more questions on the topic
  • "Did you know?" with short tidbits of information about the topic
  • "Try it Out" with interactive resources for learning more about the topic
  • "Wonder words to know and use" with key vocabulary for the topic
  • "Still wondering?" for enrichment information and activities
This site could be a great bell ringer activity each day or, since all the previous Wonders are archived and searchable, it is also an excellent resource for introducing a new topic in class.  

For example, if you're starting a unit on... 
Read this great blog post about a first grade class that uses Wonderopolis every week.  Very cool!

Try it out today at  Be sure to leave us a comment if you've used Wonderopolis in your classroom or if you find a good "Wonder" that your colleagues can use!

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