Wordle Advanced

We all know and love to use Wordle to create cute word clouds, but it can take the kids a while to type, even if they are copying and pasting.  Enter Wordle: Advanced!  This is the last tab across the top on the Wordle site (direct link: http://www.wordle.net/advanced).

The first advanced feature lets you type in your words or phrases and then just enter the number of times you want them weighted.  No need to type the word several times, or copy and paste, or even put a tilde in between words to keep phrases together!  Simply enter each word or phrase on its own line followed by the colon and then the weight (note: do not enter a space after the colon). Here's an example:

This is what I entered in the box:

Digital Classrooms:60
Student Centered Learning:70
Project Based Learning:30
Cutting Edge:30

After clicking Go, this is what I get:

How easy is that?  Such a time saver for the younger students!  Give it a try!

The other advanced feature lets you pick your specific colors for each word or phrase.  You have to know the hex color code for each color to use this feature.  If you are interested in trying this, visit http://www.w3schools.com/html/html_colors.asp for color codes.