TypeDrawing for FREE

Most of us are always on the lookout for an engaging new way to utilize a drawing app in the classroom.  Here comes TypeDrawing for FREE to the rescue!

TypeDrawing for FREE is a unique app that allows students to create typography art. It has several, easy-to-use features:

  • Font- 47 fonts with adjustable sizing and tracking
  • Color- Differnt font colors that can be chosen from a color wheel
  • Backgrounds- White, Black, Yellow Note, White Note, and a photo import option
  • Zooming- Ability to zoom and pan using two finger method or double click to zoom in/out.
  • Export- export JPG photo to Photo Gallery (Note: with paid version, there are other saving/exporting options)
The educational uses of this app are endless! Some include:
  • Practice spelling words
  • Vocabulary
  • Photo captions & watermarks
  • Pictorial representation of a science or math concept

If you have other ideas on how this app could be used, we'd love to hear them! Post your ideas in the comments section below.