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Sharing iPad Creations with Edmodo

Edmodo provides teachers and students a secure place to connect and collaborate, turn in work, participate in class discussions and receive notifications. 

With the latest Edmodo app update, this became a solution for students to turn in work created on the iPad in Pages, Keynote, or the camera roll. (Remember that many other apps can be shared to the camera roll. From there, they can be uploaded to Edmodo.)

After creating a document in Pages, for example, the student would do the following:

Tap the wrench button in the top right corner.Tap Share and PrintOpen in Another AppChoose a format (Pages, PDF, or Word)Click the Choose App button.Open in Edmodo. (You may have to swipe right or left to see the Edmodo option if you have a lot of apps installed.)If the student is not already logged in to Edmodo, they will be prompted to log in. If the student is already logged in to Edmodo, they will be asked if they want to upload the document to their library. The file will reside in the library a…

Tips from our Readers--Youtube Buffering

If you are showing a Youtube video and it begins to buffer here are a couple of tips:

1. Pause the video and allow it to load. You can see the progress by watching the gray bar.

2. Pause the video and select the gear button. Change the resolution to a lower quality which will allow the video to load faster. It is not ideal but could be helpful in a crunch.

This tip is brought to you by the GHS teachers at their recent Instructional Focus Day. If you have a tip please share it here:

Inserting Music From Freeplay Music into iMovie for iPad

Inserting Music From Freeplay Music into iMovie for iPad
If you are tired of the same sound tracks found in iMovie for the iPad, check out our freeplay music subscription site!

From the GCISD website, go to For Employees > Teacher/Staff Resources and click Freeplay Music.

Searching for MusicSearch by CD Volume, Style or Feel by clicking on the search option (the search will automatically begin) or type a keyword in the SEARCH BY KEYWORDS box and click RUN SEARCH.The “Search Guide” is a printable PDF that lists the CD Volumes that would be appropriate for a variety of themes.Use ADVANCED SEARCH to select multiple search options.
Navigating the Search Window
The number of tracks found in the search is indicated at the top. Ten tracks are displayed in the window at a time (use the “next 10 results” or “previous 10 results” to view them). Each track is displayed with a block of information about the track, including the name of the track, the volume, the feeling, styles, instrument, and …

Embed Video into iBooks Author

Embed Video into iBooks Author When creating an iBooks Author file, there are several widgets available within iBooks Author, however when inserting a YouTube link, one easy way to do this is with a widget provided by iBooks Generator.

Simply copy and paste the YouTube URL into the provided text field and click the Generate button.  Download and double-click (to expand) the provided zip file.  Simply drag and drop the WDGT file into the iBooks Author page to insert the widget.

Inspiration Maps Lite

Inspiration Maps Lite - iPad App Use Inspiration Maps Lite for the iPad to create thinking maps, brainstorm ideas, do a quick formative assessment, and more.  With the "LITE" version (which means FREE in our Education World), you can save up to five diagrams.  The diagrams can be viewed or revised in the diagram view as well as an outline view.

Click here to read more or download the app.
View a demo video to learn how to use Inspiration Maps Lite.  NOTE: The last few seconds mentions opening the document in Pages or saving to Dropbox or iTunes... these features are only available when you upgrade to Inspiration Maps (NOT LITE).
For more information, see the Inspiration website.

Sharing iPad iMovie Projects

Sharing (iPad) iMovie Projects After creating an iMovie project on an ipad, one may wonder, now what?  There are various ways to move the project off of the iPad to share with others.  Here, we have explained three methods for doing this:

Sending iMovie Projects to YouTubeNOTE:  Success with this method will depend on bandwidth and video file size.  If unsuccessful, try another method.

If you’re not in the PROJECTS view, tap the MY PROJECTS buttonin the upper-left corner above the viewer.Scroll to center the preferred project or trailer.Be sure to name the movie:
Tap on the PROJECT NAME.Erase the name given and enter a new name and tap DONE.Tap the SHARE button and select YOUTUBE. Type the YouTube USERNAME and PASSWORD, then tap SIGN IN.Enter a movie title into the TITLE field.To specify how your project is categorized on the YouTube website, tap CATEGORY, scroll the options, then tap the preferred category.Tap TAGS to add terms users can use to find your video on YouTube.  To enter mo…

November Tweets

Check out these great resources.  Click this link if you're viewing this blog post via our email subscription and can't see the embedded "story" below.

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Safari for iPad Tips

Here are some basic tips to make using Safari with a classroom of students easier:

Bookmarks are essential when using websites with students (especially young ones!)  Rather than waiting for them to type in a long URL, turn on iCloud Safari syncing in the settings for your iPad class set so that you can add a bookmark to one student iPad in the set and all the others will see it too.  Go to Settings and iCloud.  Be sure that Safari is turned ON.   (Don't turn on iCloud syncing to the class set Apple ID on your teacher iPad.  Any bookmarks you set would show up on all the student devices as well.) 

Be aware that if a student bookmarks an inappropriate site, it will show up on all the iPads.  Be sure to teach proper digital citizenship and monitor iPad use.

Open tabs also sync through iCloud.  Click the cloud icon in Safari to view open tabs on all the devices currently syncing to the same class account.
Home Screen "Apps":
Use "Add to Home Screen" to create…