Inserting Music From Freeplay Music into iMovie for iPad

Inserting Music From Freeplay Music into iMovie for iPad

If you are tired of the same sound tracks found in iMovie for the iPad, check out our freeplay music subscription site!

From the GCISD website, go to For Employees > Teacher/Staff Resources and click Freeplay Music.

Searching for Music

  • Search by CD Volume, Style or Feel by clicking on the search option (the search will automatically begin) or type a keyword in the SEARCH BY KEYWORDS box and click RUN SEARCH.
  • The “Search Guide” is a printable PDF that lists the CD Volumes that would be appropriate for a variety of themes.
  • Use ADVANCED SEARCH to select multiple search options.

Navigating the Search Window

  • The number of tracks found in the search is indicated at the top. Ten tracks are displayed in the window at a time (use the “next 10 results” or “previous 10 results” to view them). 
  • Each track is displayed with a block of information about the track, including the name of the track, the volume, the feeling, styles, instrument, and tempo of the track. Each track is available in a variety of time lengths.

Previewing a Track 

We do not recommend previewing in the Chrome browser.
  1. Click on the desired track length in the PREVIEW section in the bottom right of the block of information about the track. 
  2. The file opens and plays in the default program for playing music (probably iTunes or Windows Media Player). You may have to click OPEN on a window that pops up.  
  3. After the music has played, close the player program.

Downloading a Track 

  1. Click on the desired track length in the MP3 section in the bottom left of the block of information about the track (For example, click the "30" link for a 30 second track)
  2. Click SAVE on the File Download window. 
  3. Navigate to the desired location to save the file (give a new name if desired). 
  4. Click SAVE

Opening the Track in iMovie via Dropbox

  1. Copy the sound track file to a DROPBOX folder
    See for directions on how to set up a Dropbox account
  2. On the ipad, launch DROPBOX and navigate to the preferred sound track file
  3. Once selected, tap the OPEN IN button found in the top, right corner
  4. Select OPEN IN IMOVIE 
  5. In order to trim music, be sure the LOOP BACKGROUND MUSIC setting is turned off in iMovie:
    a. Tap the settings icon found in the top, right corner
    b. Slide the LOOP BACKGROUND MUSIC option to OFF


  1. Just make sure you're school licence allows the resulting movies to be posted on the web OUTSIDE the physical limits of the school (no personal blog, podcast, website, YouTube).

    FreePlay scours the web looking for their music; if they find it, they send letters "asking" you to pay $1000 per URL within 5 days and they give you a nice PayPal button to help you do it.


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