Do You Love Evernote? Here's More!

Evernote Peek

Evernote Peek

Evernote Peek is a learning app for the iPad. Turn notes, audio and images in Evernote into study materials with Evernote Peek.  Prepare for a quiz, brush up on a language, record reflections and notes on a book you are reading, make flash cards and much more.

To create study materials, connect Peek to your Evernote account. In Evernote, choose an existing notebook or make a new one to use with Peek. The note title will become the clue and the note body will become the answer. For optimum results, keep the clue to one sentence and the answer to no more than three sentences. To use Peek, lift your iPad’s smart cover, or use the built-in virtual smart cover and peek under it.

Evernote Clearly

Clearly is a Firefox add-on that with one click,  makes blog posts and articles clean and easy to read. Clearly eliminates all distractions from your online reading experience, and allows you to browse multi-page articles in one view.

Connect Clearly to Evernote to clip and sync articles with every computer, phone and tablet you use.

Customize it:
Choose from three views or create your own. Customizable keyboard shortcuts allow you to quickly launch Clearly and clip articles straight into Evernote.

Organize it:
Clearly can automatically tag articles sent to Evernote for fast and easy retrieval.

Highlight it:
Use the highlighter to remember the details. Any highlights you make in Clearly will be updated in Evernote.

Related Notes:
Rediscover notes in Evernote that are related to the article you are reading.