Kidblog App

Kidblog recently introduced their new app for download on the iPad, iPhone, or iTouch. 

Kidblog is a safe and secure blogging environment for students to collaborate, reflect, publish their writing, and practice digital citizenship.

The app features much of the same functionality as using the Kidblog site through a web browser. Teachers can monitor the blog and moderate the comments and posts from students just as they do from the site.  Students can now easily shoot photos and video while in a blog post using the app or upload photos and videos from the camera roll on their device. They can also preview their post before publishing by clicking on the eye icon located at the bottom of their screen.

Download the Kidblog app:

Visit the Kidblog website:

For additional ideas on how to use blogging with your students, check out the Blogging with Students page on the GCISD Training Wiki.


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