Infographics are images containing graphics and text, including statistics about a certain subject. One of the best presentations I attended at TCEA this year was by Debbie Boehm of Clear Creek ISD. Below is a link to the Symbaloo web site she created to share her resources with us. The site includes infographic samples, web sites for creating infographics, web sites for data searches, the slideshare of her TCEA presentation and more:

She also shared how to make an infographic in Powerpoint or Keynote by changing the Page Setup of a slide to create a larger workspace then saving it as a JPG. This would be a great way to focus on the content and processing  rather than the new technology tool for a student's first infographic.

Why teach with infographics?
  • Quickly visualize idea/concept
  • Compact way to present data and information
  • Helps students make connections, relationships patterns
  • Helps make sense of complex data sets
  • HOTS
Types of infographics
  • Research, results
  • Process, sequence, or timeline
  • Informative, persuasive
  • Comparison
Follow these Pinterest boards for Infographic examples:

Kathy Schrock also has some info on using Infographics for Assessment -


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