Simple QR Code Generator for Google Chrome

Simple QR Code Generator is an an extension just for Google Chrome. It will generate a scannable QR code of the URL you are currently browsing. Hover your mouse over the generated QR code and you'll be able to change the link to whatever you want and the code will be generated as you type instantly. You can also save the QR code by clicking on it with the mouse.

This extension is very handy on mobile phones to avoid typing long URLs in order to go to a page you found while browsing on your laptop.

Features include:
  • Display the QR-code in the size you prefer
  • Share the QR-code through Facebook or Twitter
  • Save QR-code to share through mail, etc.
  • URL shortener ( can be used to simplify the QR-codes generated
  • Display QR-code for a link, text selection or images of choice