Mental is a concept mapping app for the iPad. Concepts are represented as a noun or noun phrase and are connected to other concept boxes by arrows labeled with a verb or conjunction. The arrows and labels define the relationships between the connected concepts. Concept boxes may have relationships to and from several other concept boxes, creating a concept map.

Features include:
  • Editable labels
  • One or more edges connecting the subject concepts to the label
  • One or more edges connecting the object concepts to the label 
  • Users are able to move the label with the edge connections preserved
  • Maps
  • Users can remove relationships as a whole or individual edges while preserving the relationship
  • Export to pdf and save in PDF Free, Evernote, Dropbox, iBooks, WebDav (to name a few). Files can also be saved as 'Mental' files (in WebDav) to be retrieved and worked on at a later time
  • Choose the map style (font, color scheme)