Write About This Free

Write About This is a neat writing app I learned about from the Kleinspiration blog.  

Students can choose from a variety of categories and are presented with a writing prompt based on an image.  The free version is limited to one image per category.  

The really cool thing is that students (or teachers) can create their own prompts using their own images from the camera or camera roll.  Again, the free version is limited to only 1 "custom" prompt at a time but it can be deleted after you've used it to allow you to create another one.  

After selecting an image, students write their story based on the prompt.

The completed stories can be shared as a PDF via email or take a screenshot to save it to the camera roll.

Learn more about the app in the video below or HERE if you're reading this blog post via email.


  1. What a great app! This is perfect for my kindergartners. I can't wait to try this with my class! Thank you!


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