Make Dice Lite

Make Dice Lite allows your iPad to become a set of digital dice. Along with standard dice, you can create your own by adding text or symbols to dice.  

To roll the dice, just shake the iPad, tap on a die or use the arrow icon located on bottom of screen. 
Roll the dice  
Customize dice
Add additional dice

With the free version, you can:
1. Add/Create up to 6 dice
2. Choose from 6 different colors
3. Change the background of the table to a different color or add a photo background
*An idea for using a photo background would be to add a photo of a particular landform. Students would then roll the dice to land on a number. They would then have to tell that number of facts about the landform showing as the background.  

For a quick tutorial, watch the video below, or click here if reading this post via email.

Classroom ideas for using Make Dice Lite:
1.  Add student names to determine who answers a question or what center to visit.
2. Customize dice with vocabulary, spelling, or site words to use in a sentence or story.
3. Type curriculum topic on dice such as Landforms, Forms of Gravity, Story Elements, etc.. When a die lands on that topic, the student must describe or explain it as it pertains to your directions. 
4. Using 3 customized dice, 2 with numbers and 1 with mathematical symbols such as +, -, x, students create and solve their own math problems.

What other ways can you think of to use this app with your students?