Tips from Our Readers: Hello World! Introducing Coding to your Students

The topic of this blog post was suggested by Jackie Baker, campus technician at Colleyville Middle School.

Coding or programming is a digital literacy skill that will allow students to manipulate and transform digital media. Have you ever wanted to make a change to your Schoolwires web page and been intimidated by that HTML tab? With just a basic knowledge of code and how it works, you could easily customize your web page. As we think about ways to offer our students opportunities to use critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity, coding is not to be overlooked.

Scratch is a free coding software for students age 8 - 16.
Watch this video to learn more about Scratch -
They have a support community for educators -

There are several free apps that are great for introducing programming to elementary and middle school students. These apps will allow you to enrich and extend while teaching logic and problem solving. 
Ages 5-7
Drag and drop arrow buttons to tell the fuzzball how to navigate the maze.

Daisy the Dinosaur
Make Daisy move while learning about objects, sequencing, loops and events by solving the challenges in this app.

Ages 8 - 12
Program your own games and apps by dragging color-coded method blocks to create a script.

HotPaw Basic Lite
Many of you who were in middle school in the 80s may remember learning BASIC programming. HotPaw Basic Lite is allows you to create very short Basic programs on the iPad.

To learn more about incorporating coding into your classroom, check out these resources:

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