Tips from Our Readers: Screencasts and Annotating with ActivInspire

Today's topic comes to us from Patrick Lollis, music teacher at Cannon Elementary.

Patrick writes:
"Diane Norwood, the 4th grade math teacher here at Cannon, has been sharing ActivInpire tool ideas with me all year. I've used the screen capture tool to make instructional videos for my kids like this one:
Recently, I was complaining about the slow and uneven performance of the LightPen3 software, when Diane told me to try the Desktop Annotate tool in ActivInspire. It is a DREAM! The writing is instant and skip-free. The handwriting recognition tool is amazing as well. I can write in big loopy letters with the wand, and it is accurately transcribed by ActivInspire."

Tip about LightPen3- When using the Boxlight interactive projector with a Dell desktop computer running Windows XP, use the LightPen LITE  software rather than the LightPen3 software.

To learn more about ActivInspire, check out the resources available on our GCISD Training Wiki. 

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