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Weebly for Education is a free online service for creating classroom websites, student blogs, e-portfolios, and websites for assigned projects (think PBLs).
It's free and includes 40 student accounts. If you need more, go to this link for options: is no advertising. It's a drag-and-drop website editor with 70+ website designs to choose from. Add pictures, videos, audio players, documents, maps, and photo galleries. Use Weebly's audio and video players.Student websites can be password-protected. The classroom teacher has full control over which websites are public, which are private, and which can be edited by the student.Supports an unlimited number of blogs within a website, with a comment moderation features that allow an open, moderated, or closed conversation.  It's always important to check a website or App's Terms of Service. The Terms of Service for Weebly: Individuals under the age of 13 are prohibited…


Do you love using Evernote but are a linear thinker/organizer? Memogram is an iPad app for visualizing/organizing your Evernote entries in a flat structure as a list as if they were written on cards or Post It notes.

With Memogram, touch and drag your notes where you want to. It's designed to reflect a user's physical behavior to the iPad screen. With Memogram, you will see a broad overview of all your Evernote entries, and then when you need to, you can open up a specific one and edit as needed.


Image is a fabulous resource for students and teachers.  The site offers educational videos for many subject areas.  The vision is stated here:
To provide a world-class, online domain on which educators can store, categorize, and rate the best, K – 12 educational videos on the Internet today. And to make this service FREE so teachers, parents and students everywhere may have access to those videos.
Search by using the search field at the top of the screen:
or expand the content areas by clicking the plus sign(s) on the left side of the screen (found under Directory): Add an additional filter by sliding the age filter slider:
More information on WatchKnowLearn can be found here, including the many partners and content contributors:

More information on other video tutorial sites


Padlet (formerly Wallwisher) allows users to post ideas on a "wall."  In addition, pictures and files can easily be added by dragging and dropping them into the wall space.  A login is not required to access the walls (more information explained here).  Users simply double-tap the wall to type.  Padlet walls are accessible on a computer or ipad by accessing the web browser.  The URL of the wall can be shared to give others access for collaborative projects and brainstorming sessions.  Padlet provides a great place to create formative assessment tools.

A wall can have various privacy settings: Private - the  user and those invited via email can see the wallPassword Protected - visitors are required to enter a password to see the wallHidden Link - the wall has a public link, but it is hidden from Google and public areas of PadletTotally Public - the wall is completely public and can show up in Google searches and on Padlet's homepageCheck out the privacy settings for a wall …

Kid Rex - A Great Google Alternative for Elementary Students!

Searching the internet and evaluating the content are important skills for students today to master.  However, many elementary teachers are understandably nervous about sending kids to Google to research.  KidRex is one solution! KidRex uses Google Custom Search and Google Safe Search technologies to maintain a database of kid safe websites and keyword searches.

Bookmark the website on your classroom computers and iPads or embed the widget on your class webpage using the code here:

For more kid friendly search engines, visit the GCISD Tech Lessons webpage:

PhotoCard App

PhotoCard (also called Bill Atkinson's PhotoCard) is an app for creating postcards with text and an image. There is a Lite version and a Full version that are both currently free. The full version includes 200 nature photos, 200 stamps, and 400 stickers. The lite version is the exact same app, but only has 10 nature photos, 20 stamps, and 20 stickers. Students can choose one of the built in photos or insert their own.  You can create an account for using the app to actually mail postcards. However, students can simply save the image to the camera roll (by tapping the "Actions" icon in the bottom right hand corner and choosing "Share Postcard"), so no account is necessary.
Tips for Using: Use the app in portrait mode to see the entire card at one time. Holding the iPad in landscape mode shows only the front or back.FAQ's from the website:…


Knowmia (Teach) is a free video and lesson creation app for the iPad. You can create video lessons and publish them on
Build a lesson out of individual steps like slides Record everything that you do as well as your voice and videoCapture your face in the video as you narrate the stepsImport images, graphics or video clips from the iPad media library and built-in camera, or paste in any image of your ownSelect built-in background options and choose font/size when typing text Tools include a shape tool, pen tool, highlighter tool, and pointer toolPublish lessons to (they cannot be saved or exported anywhere except the Knowmia website). Including tags when publishing will help others find your lesson Use for a flipped classroom; have students create videos

iMotion HD for Stop Motion or Time Lapse Video

iMotion HD is a time-lapse and stop motion app for the iPad. It is great for creating time-lapse video or stop motion animation videos with clay or other props.

Use time-lapse, manual, remote, or microphone activation to take photosChange the frames per second (FPS) after photos are takenInstall iMotion Remote on another iOS device to take photos remotelyExport to the camera roll, from there you can Email or upload to YoutubeIdeas for using:

claymation videostop motion video - your own RSA Animate:

More information:

Have you used this or another app to create time-lapse or stop motion video? Share what you or your students have created in the comments!