GoneGoogle Story Builder: See Writing Come to Life!

Google has made writing and collaboration easy and fun with the GoneGoogle Story Builder.  Anybody can create a quick animated video of the writing process with the look and feel of a Google doc.  The process is simple: choose your characters and your music. Write. Then grab the link to watch and share.

Using Story Builder 

  • No login required. Navigate to http://docsstorybuilder.appspot.com/ and get started. You can also view some great samples before you begin.
  • Customize and Personalize: Choose up to 10 characters that you create.
  • You may have up to 10 dialogue exchanges of your own creation.
  • Watch the writing process unfold as you add and edit to the conversation between characters.
  • Create your own title.
  • Publish and share your writing video.

Ideas for Classroom Use

  • Attention Getter: Introduce a lesson in a different way
  • As a warm up activity - have students review the previous lesson
  • Have students create a conversation between two characters.
  • Write a new introduction or ending to a story, song lyrics, or a poem
  • Use as an editing tool for spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Discuss how to solve a math equation.
  • Create a hypothesis for a science experiment
  • Have a debate
  • Hit all levels of Bloom's
  • Once you try it, you and your students will think of many more ideas to implement this tool.
Although the technical creation process is simple, students are forced to think critically about how the information and ideas are to be presented in a brief format. Word choice is a crucial element. The only negative about the story builder is that you can't actually download the creations. However, if you can create a quick Google form and have students submit their links to you there so everything is in one place. Even though you can't get the embed code directly from the story builder, you can use an embed code creator such as Embed.ly and it creates the code for you so you can still embed the stories on your blog or website.

Sample GoneGoogle Stories

Here is a sample story I created while experimenting. It took less than 3 minutes.  

"Nothing's not here." by Ima Teacher

Here is a promotional feature sample from Google:

Try out GoneGoogle Story Builder and leave a comment about how you used it in your classroom.