InstaGrok -- More than a Search Engine. It's an Interactive Answer Engine

Have you had a chance to Grok with your class? Grok means to understand thoroughly and intuitively. InstraGrok is an intense, interactive discovery, learning, search and answer engine designed specifically for the classroom. A "grok" can be created by simply entering a topic in the site search box. Answers are returned in six different categories: key facts, websites, videos, images, quizzes and a glossary instead of a static list of links.  Understand, a blog post does not do this tool justice. You have to experience it. Try a quiz. Find a video. Review terms.

The Wow Features

  • No login required. Students can create and share a Grok without logging in
  • It is interactive and it is not flash-based so it works on the iPad
  • The Quiz tool provides classroom ready questions on your search term. Have the students take the quiz or use the questions yourself to add to your own quizzes
  • Results can be customized to have as much or as little detail as you want. Just adjust a slider from an ABC chalkboard all the way up to an Einstein level. 
  • It is free and specifically made for education. (Creating a login/free account gives you more options and of course there is a paid version with even more options.)
  • Results are filtered and safe for all
  • You can customize the colors
  • Groks can be shared and embedded into your blog, website, etc.

Classroom Uses

Use instaGrok to
  • Create an interactive mind mapping tool
  • Find topics to write about
  • Generate ideas
  • Curate information
  • Really learn vocabulary words
  • Explore complicated ideas
  • Find images and videos in one click
  • Allow for self assessment through the quiz feature
  • Teach students how to narrow down search results
  • So much more!

Check out my instaGrok on the use of iPads for Education to see what all the excitement is about! Click on a circle then click on the side bar for additional information.

Grok is intuitive and easy to use, but if you want a tutorial, here is one for you.

So, what do you think about InstaGrok? Try it and leave a comment about your experience.


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