Viewpure - YouTube without the Ads

Today's post comes to us from Patrick Lollis, music teacher at Cannon Elementary.  Patrick writes:
I found a great tool called Viewpure that I really like to view YouTube videos without ads, other search results, or suggested videos.
Here's how to use it:

  1. Go to
  2. Drag the "purify" button to your browser's shortcut bar.
  3. When you locate a YouTube video that you want to use, press the button.
  4. Create your QR code to the new ViewPure page.
What the button actually does is change the web address from a YouTube address like this one:
to a ViewPure address like this one:
You can use the button, or just remember what to change and do it manually.

Thanks for the tip Patrick!  Do you have a great tip to share?  Fill out the "Tips from our Readers" form on our blog or click this link: