Flippity Flashcard Creator

Flippity is an online flashcard creator that converts a Google spreadsheet into a set of flashcards.


To Create Flashcards:

  1. Create a Google spreadsheet in Google Drive containing your information. You must use the Flippity template found at the URL above.
  2. Name the set of flashcards by naming the worksheet at the bottom of the spreadsheet.
  3. Go to File/Publish to the Web and click Start Publishing.
  4. Copy the link under Get a Link to Published Data.
  5. Paste the link in the field on the Flippity website and click Go.
  • To make changes to the flashcards, make the changes to your Google spreadsheet and republish. You can also set up the spreadsheet to automatically republish when changes are made.
  • You can insert pictures and embed Youtube videos on the flashcards.
  • Works in all browsers. Uses Java.
  • Text on the flashcards is modifiable only using basic HTML tags.
  • The flashcards are not private since the spreadsheet has been published, however, you control who has the link to the set of flashcards.
  • To delete the flashcards, click Stop Publishing on the Google spreadsheet.