BatchGeo and Google Forms/Google Earth

Spreadsheets, tables in web pages or databases—anything containing location data can be pasted into BatchGeo to create a map. You can use the BatchGeo Spreadsheet Template (which is in Excel) on the BatchGeo website to enter your data, or, why not use Google Forms to collect data! Use the map to tell a story! The spreadsheet data is copied over to BatchGeo to create a pin map. When creating your map, you may choose your own options instead of using the default behavior. 

To use with Google forms:
  1. Log into Google Drive and create a new form in Google
  2. Have your students enter their data (they can do this from a computer or iPad)
  3. From the response spreadsheet, select the data and copy it
  4. Go to BatchGeo and paste the data into the provided area
  5. Click the Map Now button
  6. Click Save and Continue
  7. Enter a name for the map. An email address is optional. With an email address, you will receive an embed code so you can share the map

Using the Map with Google Earth:
After the map is created, you can also download a KML (open portable geographic data type) version. With this version, you can open your map data in Google Earth and Google Maps.
  1. Go to
  2. Paste your Google spreadsheet data into the fields
  3. Click Map Now
  4. After the map is created, click Continue/Save
  5. Give the map a title, description, and include your email address, then click Save Map
  6. At the bottom of the page, there will be a Download Google Earth KML button. Click that button.
  7. By saving your map this way, it can be opened in Google Earth to view!