GCISD Instructional Technology Resources

GCISD Instructional Technology offers several places you can go for ideas and resources.  Be sure to check them out (and bookmark them!) anytime you need tech help!

GCISD Tech Lessons
GCISD Tech Lessons has been around for many years and is constantly evolving. It began as a way to save time in computer labs by providing links to students rather than having to wait for them to type them in correctly. That can take a long time, especially with little ones! It’s a wiki site where we collect links to activities and web resources for grades K-5 (there are some middle school links as well) arranged by content area and topic.  There are also links to many websites that can be used by students of all grades.  You’ll find ideas for Daily 5 technology integration, keyboarding practice sites and resources for finding copyright free clipart and images for student projects.  There are also links to a variety of teacher resources from Thinkfinity that teachers from all contents and grade levels will want to check out. As with any collection of links, it’s difficult to always be sure that the links are active.  If you find a broken link or have a link of your own that you’d like to add, send it to me and I’ll take care of it! This site is a great homepage for student computers or choose “Add to Homescreen” on your classroom iPads for easy access.

GCISD Training

The GCISD Training wiki is a great place to find instructions, files and helpful links for all things technology in GCISD. Generally, any time we teach a class or do a training, we put the resources on this wiki for easy access.  There are iPad app resources, pages for many of our technology classes, pages with information about equipment you have in your classroom like  interactive projectors and computers, pages with help for district systems like Skyward, Outlook, Google and Safari Montage plus lots more.  It’s your “go-to” place for finding tech help.

Activities Server
Another place you can find resources for technology training and integration is right on your computer!  When you're logged in to any district computer, simply go to your Staff network folder and open the Activities drive.  Resource files for teachers and students of all grade levels are organized into folders by content area and topic.  One thing that teachers find especially helpful are the Light Pen 3 Backgrounds located in the Teacher folder.  You’ll find Thinking Maps templates, graph paper and notebook paper backgrounds that are perfect to use with the Light Pen software and your interactive projector.

Digital Portal
The Digital Portal can be accessed from the Departments and Programs section on the district webpage. Digital Classroom teachers (or those interested in being digital) can get access to information presented in our trainings as well as links to other digital teachers in the district.  All the sites mentioned above are also linked on our Resources page (http://www.gcisd-k12.org/Page/30767)


  1. You know I am y'all's biggest fan, but this is confusing! I wish everything were in one place.

    1. I know, Julie. That was our hope with the Digital Portal Resources page. Everything is linked there. There's just so much content in the various places and for various purposes (links for students vs links for teachers vs files that would be a pain to upload to the web and that we don't necessarily want to be public to the world.) It would be a ginormous task to get it all in one place and we just don't have the time/manpower to devote to that when our main focus should be working with teachers.

  2. Yeah, I can totally see that. And I am determined enough to find what I'm looking for anyhow (heck, I'm a librarian!) even if it means *gasp* looking in different places (and by looking I mean clicking). Now that I think about it, I'm being a total whiner and hypocrite because I always get onto my students for being lazy when looking for info. Ha ha. Sorry for my 1st World complaint. :) Love you guys!

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