QR Voice

QR Voice is a website to create a QR code that links to a recording of a voice. 


  1. Go to QR Voice.
  2. Type text into the top box (where it says, "say what?").
  3. Press the QR code button to the right of the text box to generate the recording.
  4. The large, white box at the bottom of the screen is where the QR code will appear after it has been generated.
  5. Use the sliding blue button in the middle to adjust how large the QR code appears.
  6. QR Voice also generates a link to the playback on the web in case the recording cannot be accessed via a QR-code scanning app.  
  7. You do not get to record your own voice, however,  although you could link to a podcast with your own voice.
The voice does sound robotic but can also speak a variety of languages. It does not translate.

Use in:
ELL/Foreign language
Special Services
Pre-K/kindergarten classroom
Great for students that cannot yet read