Subtext is a free app for the iPad that can take books, PDFs, and Web Articles and transform them into a collaborative and social environment for your students. Using an Edmodo, Google, or Renaissance Learning login, you can create classes/groups for your students to join with their own accounts and group code.

In GCISD, all teachers and students have Google Accounts already created, so this makes using Subtext on its own quite a breeze. After adding a book or article, you can highlight a piece of text and create a discussion around it for students to respond to. You can also create assignments, quizzes, and track the progress of your students through the app.

There is a beta version of Subtext for the web, which would work well for BYOD environments. Currently, it only supports using Web Articles, but more features are being developed.

There are free, public domain books that can be found for your students to use, such as Feed Books.

Jack Leonard, from Heritage Middle School, uses Subtext in his 7th grade ELA classes. Watch below for how it has impacted learning in his classroom.
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