WeKWL - Collaborative KWL Charts!

This is a special guest post from Megan Pettit, 1st grade teacher at Cannon Elementary.  You can follow Megan on Twitter or follow her blog at http://pettitcc.blogspot.com/.  Do you have something to share?  Fill out the "Tips from our Readers" form and maybe you'll be selected as our next guest blogger!

WeKWL is a free app that transforms a traditional KWL chart into an interactive collaboration tool. The collaborative aspect of this app allows students to build off of one another and learn together. Each student can open the KWL chart in a live session and add their ideas simultaneously. 

To create a KWL chart: 
1. Enter a display name. 

2. Select the green “Create a File” button on the bottom left side of the screen. This will be your KWL chart.  Here you can choose to add an evidence column to your chart. 

3. Now your KWL chart will appear. To create a live session, where your students can collaborate, press the orange “Create Session” button in the top right corner of your screen. 

4. Add a class name and a session name. You do not have to add a password unless you would like to.  Once you hit save the orange button in the right hand corner should turn green and say “In Session”.

To join a live session:
1. Enter a display name (student’s first name).

2. Select the orange “Find and Join Session” button on the bottom right side of the screen. 

3. Type the class name exactly as it was created by the teacher and hit the blue magnifying glass button to search. 

4. Select the session name from the active sessions list. 

Now you are ready to use your KWL chart! To add ideas to each column you can click on the letter at the top of the column or press the green “create” button at the bottom of the page. You can see one column at a time while holding your device in the portrait position or see all three columns at once by holding your device in the landscape position. When your students are ready to leave your session they can save a copy of the KWL chart to view at a later time. 

WeKWL is an Intergalactic Mobile Learning Center app. If you enjoy WeKWL, check out their other apps WeMAP and WeSketch.  Visit http://www.intergalacticmlc.org/ for more information about these amazing apps!