DocsTeach - An Amazing Resource for Analyzing Primary Source Documents


DocsTeach is an awesome resource for social studies teachers. Teachers can search a large collection of ready to use interactive activities or create your own for students to analyze thousands of primary source documents selected from the National Archives.  

Note: The activities do require Flash to be interactive so they won't work on iPads but they do have a print view that can be accessed on an iPad.  Some of the activities would be great to complete whole class using your interactive projector.

Activities can be searched in 3 categories: by eras (from 1754 to present), by historical thinking skill (chronological thinking, historical comprehension, etc.) or by tool (finding a sequence, focusing on details, etc).

Here's an example activity analyzing documents from the Civil War:

To create your own activity, first create a free account.  There are 7 different activity types to choose from:

Choose your documents, design your activity and add any discussion prompts or directions.  Once you've saved and published your activity, you'll get a URL that students can use to access the assignment.

What do you think?  Have you used DocsTeach?  Share your thoughts, ideas or activities in the comments below!