ClassFlow to Connect and Engage Your Students

This is a special guest post from Diane Norwood, 1st grade teacher at Cannon Elementary. 

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ClassFlow Teacher app
ClassFlow Student app 

ClassFlow is a great website (used with a student app) that allows you to send slides to your students on their devices for them to see up close and respond to.  This is similar to Nearpod, but ClassFlow is by the Promethean people so you can import ActivInspire flipcharts (that you have already created) easily into ClassFlow (or create one from scratch) and use them with all students at once instead of one at a time on the interactive white board.  

Students login with a short numeric code and their name.  Slides are not automatically sent to the students' devices.  You can send them a slide as an open-ended response and they get a pen, highlighter, and basic shape tool.  The students submit their work and you can put their slides up on the screen to compare strategies and ways they showed their work.  

When you import a flipchart, it does not have all the functions of ActivInspire, but you still have the basic tools for the teacher to annotate onscreen.  You can also bring in slides and graphics created with other software or search for other teachers' presentations to use or adapt.  

One glitch we found was that it seemed to log the students out when their screens went to sleep, but we solved that by setting their iPads not to go to sleep so quickly.  This has been a great find since I use the ActivInspire software a lot and already have flipcharts that I can easily use with ClassFlow to keep all students engaged.  They love to see their work onscreen and explain what they did!


  1. I saw a great demo of this at TCEA in February. I loved it because it had the basic features of ActivInspire that teachers use most without being overwhelmed with the whole package. It's a new product barely out of beta so it's only going to keep getting better and better in my opinion. I'm really glad to hear you're using it and sharing the experience. :o)


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