Doctopus and Goobric - Google Drive Add-Ons To Make Your Teacher Life Easier!

Today's guest post come to us from Julie Brem, librarian at Colleyville Heritage High School.  

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The “Doctopus”

You’ve gotta love all these crazy names for tech tools, but here’s one you can’t live without: Doctopus.  Think Google Docs + An Octopus’ arms,  pushing out documents to all your students’ Google drive folders.  But wait--there’s more!

  • Got differentiation happening in your classroom?  Doctopus will push out modified documents to those students who need them.  
  • What about collaboration?  Doctopus will push out separate documents for each group, allowing only those group members to collaborate.  
  • Doctopus makes assessment so much easier.  In the end you will have a Google Spreadsheet with links to all your students’ products, so you won’t have to click inside each student’s folder.

I cannot neglect to mention the most amazing feature of Doctopus: it will create four folders for each of your classes: a teacher folder for just you, a “view-only” folder for you to put things in for students, a class edit folder, and an individual folder only shared between you and that student.  This means that if all of a student’s teachers used Doctopus, they would have a completely organized Google drive for each of their classes!

The Goobric “Eye” -- it appears in the navigation bar of Chrome when installed.

Here’s another crazy Google tool name: Goobric.  Google + Rubric = Goobric.  

  • Goobric works with Doctopus to overlay a rubric pre-created in your Google Drive.  
  • After you score your students’ work, you can email them the rubric along with comments and scores.

What you will need to begin using these amazing tools:

  • First of all, make sure you are using Chrome as your web browser.
  • Second, you will need a roster spreadsheet in your Google drive with columns for your students’ first name, last name and GCISD email addresses (email me for tips in how to easily create this spreadsheet).
  • Once you are in your roster spreadsheet in Google Drive, click on the Add-Ons menu at the top and add Doctopus and Goobric.
  • At this point, I could reinvent the wheel and write out instructions, but it’s really best to get it straight from the horse’s mouth:

These two funny-sounding Google Sheet add-ons may well be the missing links in creating a paperless, efficient workflow for using Google drive to distribute and evaluate assignments and projects.  

Please join the GCISD Google Apps for Education Google+ Community to problem-solve and share ideas regarding the use of Doctopus and any other Google products within the classroom or professionally.