Feedly - Blog Reading Made Easy!

Today's guest post comes from Gypsy Mishoe, Instructional Coach.  Follow her on Twitter @gypsymishoe.

For several years now, some of my clever colleagues have been "suggesting" that I set up feedly.  I never got around to this task, so this Virtual Voyage was the perfect excuse to check it out.  At first I was a little bit confused as to how to set up account.   Of course, it was one of those times where the set up was so simple I was way overthinking things.  All I had to do was sign in with my google account. It was that simple. 

I decided to set up 5 different "collections" to help organize my blogs.  I created the following categories: humanities, technology, special education, GT, and finally a category called "Virtual Voyage" to easily keep up with all of my fellow travelers.  If you have not yet joined us on the GCISD Virtual Voyage, please go here to sign up!  I can now use feedly as my one stop shop to see all the great new things my blogging friends have to say.

There is a little search field in the top right hand corner of the home screen that allows you to search for blogs.  I copied and pasted the url of desired blogs and they magically appeared!  You then press the +feedly button to add the blog.  I then selected the correct category for the blog and clicked the word "add" at the bottom. 

This worked beautifully 99% of the time.  I did have a few problems adding weebly blogs to my feedly. I would like to thank Courtney Ervin's blog  and Amy Phillips for helping me figure this out.  For those blogs, I had to find the rss feed for that weebly, and then paste that url address into the search box.  Not hard!

Here is a screenshot of what my "Virtual Voyage Collection" looks like.  I am super excited to have the ability to see ALL of the new posts without clicking on each of the individual blogs.  

 I found this blog post (on my feedly of course) with detailed instructions on how teachers can use feedly to easily assess and comment on the blogs of entire classes.  Check it out here.

Gypsy's post is part of her GCISD Virtual Voyage blog.  Join us on your own Virtual Voyage... https://sites.google.com/a/gcisd.net/gcisd-virtual-voyage/