GCISD Hour of Code: Create Your Own Flappy Bird Game

Today's guest post comes from Diane Norwood, 1st grade teacher at Cannon Elementary.  Follow her on Twitter @MsDianeNorwood.

Earlier this year my class began learning about writing computer programs.  We have worked on this with apps like Kodable and Hopscotch.  The students are learning to put the commands they want to use in a logical order to carry out a task.  

We went to a website called learn.code.org and created our own versions of the Flappy Bird game.  (It works on desktops or iPads). The website has a nice tutorial that took us through the process step-by-step of creating if, then commands to tell the character what to do. Then the final step was to design their own game and get the embed code to link to it.  Some students made the game character change backgrounds as they played or created a game where you got points for crashing on the ground - a point for each bounce!  Some kids created an endless game that you can never lose.  Most of the kids have posted a link to their game on our class blog.  You can try out their games by going to their posts on our student blogs (http://msdianenorwood.weebly.com/).  (You may have to scroll down their pages back to February!)  Here's my undersea version:  http://learn.code.org/sh/14416703

For Hour of Code week, there is a new set of tutorial lessons with an Angry Birds (http://learn.code.org/hoc/1)
 theme! We will be trying that out this week! Then we are going to try some challenges on Hopscotch. (I think that's more than an hour of code, but my kids will not mind!)

For more information about GCISD's Hour of Code, view resources here:


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