GCISD Virtual Voyage - Create Your Blog Today!

Want to get started on your own Virtual Voyage?  Worried about step #1... creating a blog?  No worries!  It's easy!  Here's how:

Seriously!  It's that simple.  The hardest part is picking your blog name/url.  I just chose something easy (http://amysvirtualvoyage.blogspot.com) but it can be anything you want.

Now you're ready to start posting.  Creating a post is as easy as typing an email.  Just follow these steps.  

Now that you've got your blog created, sign up for the Virtual Voyage by filling out our form here:  http://goo.gl/BTgcaA

Stay tuned tomorrow for a really cool trick to auto-Tweet your Virtual Voyage blogposts with the #gcisdvv hashtag.  


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