Make Your Own Stylus

Today's guest post come to us from Jan Cline, 7th grade math teacher at Heritage Middle School.  

The search for the perfect stylus...

I am a digital classroom teacher and we make a lot of instructional videos.  My students are always asking me to use a stylus.  It seems that no matter how careful they are, the stylus falls apart in a week or so. 

Yesterday,  I went on a search for the best stylus. The styluses at the top of the list are all around $20 each. That is way too expensive to buy a classroom set.  I personally have a fine tip stylus (adonit Jot Pro) for writing on my math tutorial videos.  It is really good, but again too pricey for a classroom.  It was on the list as one of the best for making videos. my search I saw several ways to create your own stylus.  I made one and it seems to work. 

You need:
  • Foil type candy wrapper - I used twix
  • Pencil with a good eraser
  • Tape
  • Scissors

1.  Cut the Twix wrapper like this..

2.  Put one of the flaps over the eraser end of the pencil and tape it in place.  Silver side out.

3.  Wrap the Twix wrapper around the pencil and put the other flap over the eraser.  Again, tape in place.  

4.  Tape around the base of the wrapper so it will not move.  

It's been kid tested and it survived.  It's so easy. The students could make their own!  

Here it is in action!