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Video Files and the Google Drive iPad App

To upload videos to Google Drive in the app, you should be able to:

Open the desired folder. Click the + sign and choose Upload Photos or Videos.   Choose the desired files.
We have discovered that some video files will not upload to Google Drive via the Google Drive app.  I've investigated a variety of common apps that save videos and have found this information:

It seems that 30 Hands, Shadow Puppet Edu and Chatterpix Kids will not upload directly to Google Drive.  Here are some work arounds:

Create the video project in 30 Hands, Shadow Puppet Edu or Chatterpix Kids as usual.Since saved iMovie videos WILL upload to Google Drive, students can create an iMovie project with only the 30 Hands, Shadow Puppet Edu or Chatterpix Kids video.Open iMovie and create a new project (plus sign and choose Movie).Pick any theme and tap Create Movie.Tap the desired video file from the Video panel and insert it into the movie.Click the back arrow to exit movie editing.Click the share icon and cho…