Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Have you tried Blendspace yet?  It's a great way to collect and share lesson resources.  Signing up is easy... just login with your GCISD Google account!  The company has created a great step by step handout for getting started with Blendspace.


Check out some GCISD teacher created examples here: 
(I'd love to add your examples!  Send them to me via the form below.)

How can you use Blendspace in your classroom?

  • To collect all your resources for a particular lesson or unit in one place so that they're easily accessible.
  • To provide students with extra practice or enrichment for specific skills or topics 
  • To create choice boards to give students options for personal learning time
  • To "flip" your lesson

What kinds of things can be added to Blendspace boxes?

  • Links to webpages for research
  • Links to videos
  • Images
  • Google Docs or Presentations
  • Text instructions for hands-on or digital activities
  • Files (PDF, video, etc) from your computer

Other things I love about Blendspace:

  • It's easy to collaborate on Blendspaces with teammates to save time!  Just click the Share button and then choose Collaborate.
  • There is also a large, searchable gallery of already created Blendspaces that you can copy to your account and modify to meet your needs.
Check out the Blendspace I created for learning more about Blendspace:
(If you're viewing this blogpost via email and can't see the embedded Blendspace below, click this link. https://www.blendspace.com/lessons/W_Qyz30l4hC98Q/using-blendspace-for-student-choice-boards

How have you used Blendspace in your classroom?  Please share in the comments or share your Blendspace URLs in the form below:  http://goo.gl/KCCdxm

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