Google Classroom App

There is now a Google Classroom app for iOS and Android devices.

To use all the features of the Classroom app, you will also need the Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps installed on the device.

What TEACHERS can do in the Classroom app:

  • Create a class
  • Post announcements and comments
  • Check if assignments have been completed and keep track of who turned in work
  • Using the Google Drive app, view any attachments that students add to an assignment
  • Communicate with students in real time

What STUDENTS can do in the app:
  • Join a class and view their current classes
  • Communicate with classmates/teachers in real time (using their district email account)
  • Post to the class stream
  • View, complete, and turn in assignments
  • View their assignment planner

What CANNOT be done using the Classroom app at this time:

  • Teachers cannot create or grade assignments
  • Teachers cannot change any class settings or permissions
  • Teachers cannot archive a class
  • Students and teachers cannot view an archived class
  • Teachers cannot use the View the List of Assignments feature in the app
As with all things Google, watch for updates to this app!