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Adding Social Media Icons to Gmail Signature

Since we have changed email providers, it's a good time to take a look at what you are including in your email signature. In Gmail, it is much easier to include social media icons. Your email signature should include the ways you want people to contact or communicate with you.

I chose to include Twitter, Pinterest and Blogger. You could also include Facebook, LinkedIn, an icon that links to your web site, or any other web resource. Most of you will also include your phone number. I don't because I'm rarely near my work phone.

Note: Keep it simple. Don't include a resource you don't check or update regularly.

Here's how to set it up:

Choose your Icons

Go to
Search for a social media icon. I'm going to use Twitter as an example.
Type "twitter" in the search bar.
On the left side of the screen, change the PRICE to FREE.
Change the ICON SIZE to 0 to 32.
Choose your favorite version of the icon.

Choose 24x24 or 32x32.
Click the PNG button…


GCISD now has a new royalty free sound site for teachers and students to use. The link has been added to GCISD Important websites. At this time, only Volume 4 has been purchased. When going to the SoundzAbound site, you will already be logged in with the GCISD login. No need to log in!

Note: This can only be used inside the district. It cannot be used at a location outside GCISD.

To use on a computer:
Search by keyword or click on Volume and choose Volume 4. Go through the list to locate a music file to download.Click the Download MP3 button to download. You have the option to preview the sound before downloading.The file will save in your Downloads folder. In addition, it may open in iTunes when it's downloaded.You can use in the file in applications such as iMovie, and iTunes. It can also be saved in Google Drive. SoundzAbound also works on the iPad. In order to use this on the iPad, you must first download a free app called Documents 5 by Re…

My First Map with BatchGEO

Today's guest post comes from Erin Gerdes, 2nd grade teacher at Silver Lake Elementary.  You can follow Erin on Twitter @ErinGerdesSLE or on her blog

My First Map with BatchGEO
I'm trying desperately to use as many of the fantastic ideas I learned at TCEA as possible, before I forget! ; ) One of the best presenters at TCEA to me was Tammy Worcester. She has tons of tips and ideas on how to use technology in the classroom. LOVE! One thing she showed us was how to use BatchGEO. It is super easy - as it must be, in order for me to use it. ; )

BatchGEO takes a spreadsheet and marks the locations you list. (Tammy suggests creating a Google Form to collect the data from students then using the Google Spreadsheet to transfer the information to BatchGEO). 

I started daydreaming of ways we could use it while she was speaking:
*track all the locations Flat Stanley has visited
*mark locations students have traveled
*learn about students b…

Finding Copyright Free Images

Teaching our students to be good digital citizens is essential.  Since not all images on the internet can be freely used in web based teacher or student projects, we need to teach students how and where to go to look for legal and appropriate images.  Remember that our GCISD filter is not foolproof, so good monitoring is ALWAYS necessary.  

Here are some resources: (GCISD teachers can access this presentation online:

Regardless of the source, it’s a good idea to cite all images used in student projects.  
I put together a flyer of these resources with URLs and QR codes for easy sharing with students.  GCISD teachers can access the document here:
For more information about copyright, check out these resources:
Teacher Copyright Chart - What Can I Use?
What is Creative Commons?