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EdCamp GCISD is Coming August 5, 2015!

Have you heard about EdCamp GCISD?  All DFW area educators are invited to attend this great day of self-selected learning!
What Is an EdCamp?
EdCamp GCISD is an “unconference”.  It’s free professional development for teachers by teachers. Instead of one person standing in front of the room talking for an hour, teachers are encouraged to have discussions and hands-on sessions. Edcamp strives to bring teachers together to talk about the things that matter most to them: their interests, passions and questions. Teachers who attend EdCamp can choose to lead sessions on those things that matter, with an expectation that the people in the room will work together to build understanding by sharing their own knowledge and questions.
Watch this video to learn more about EdCamp:

How Will EdCamp GCISD Work? Come enjoy a day with colleagues from GCISD. Arrive with an idea for a session that you would like to lead or with the an…

Epic! for Educators - Free eBooks for Kids!

Today's guest post comes from Bridget Visser, 1st grade teacher at Dove Elementary.  You can follow Bridget on Twitter @vissersvoice or on her blog
Epic! for Educators is an INCREDIBLE free eBook resource for teachers to take advantage of! You will be amazed at all the choices of books kids are able to read through this app. They earn badges, track their reading time in minutes and hours, track pages flipped, can favorite books, and more. They LOVE it and so do I!

There are so many ways Epic! can help the classroom teacher out! 

It is an app you can put on the child’s iPad or use the website.It provides one more way to help children fall in love with reading! It provides a way for children to log their reading documentation. The choices of literature are AMAZING!  Many genres at all levels.It allows differentiation in the classroom because you can choose what age group you are interested in reading. It has…

Easy Digital Newsletters with Smore

Today's guest post comes from Gypsy Mishoe, GCISD Instructional Coach.  You can follow Gypsy on Twitter @GypsyMishoe or on her blog  

Have you ever meticulously formatted a class newsletter and printed out your 174 copies only to discover you misspelled "Renaissance" and put the wrong date for the grade level NASA field trip? 
OR Have you ever spent 30 minutes in vain looking for the bright pink paper newletter your daughter brought home 7 days before that has all essential information needed to complete her regions of Texas project?
I know I have.  Smore is a digital tool that creates beautiful newsletters that are easy to access, easy to update, and easy to share.  Smore could have also prevented both of my sad tales above.  

You can create a Smore newsletter in under 5 minutes.  The results are polished, and the design tools gives you just enough options to customize to your liking without becoming…