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The GCISD Virtual Voyage is back!

GCISD Virtual Voyage
The Virtual Voyage is back and it's gamified!  This year we've added new challenges and you'll earn badges for completing challenges.  Some campuses are even offering a variety of prizes (jean passes, leave early coupons, Sonic drinks, duty free lunch/recess, etc.) based on the number of badges earned.  

What is the GCISD Virtual Voyage?    
The GCISD Virtual Voyage is a summer opportunity for you to have fun and step outside your technology comfort zone! Challenges can be completed in any order at any time.  Do as many as interest you.  The only rule is that you must share your learning with others via your blog!  If you've already done these things, please still share your reflections in a blog post to earn your badge.

How do I participate?
Follow the instructions on the GCISD Virtual Voyage website to setup your blog and badges spreadsheet.

What are the challenges?  
Choose from a variety of challenges like Google Hangout, Blendspa…

What's New? - Google App Updates, PicCollage Kids and Photos for Class

"What's new?"  I get this question a lot.  Today I have some exciting new (relatively) things to share!
1.  Google Docs and Slides app updates 
The newest update to the Google Docs and Slides apps FINALLY allows users to insert images from the camera roll!  Woo hoo!  Now the Google Docs and Slides apps can actually be replacements for Pages and Keynote on the iPad... with the added functionality of collaboration plus automatic saving/backing up.   More info about the update here:
2.  Pic Collage Kids Pic Collage has added a YouTube video search feature that is pretty scary to me.  Just by clicking the YouTube button, students could see a list of videos without ever typing in a keyword.  You can't predict what will come up.  The good news is that the company has released a new app called Pic Collage Kids that's perfect for students.  The only option for images is to insert from the camera roll and it doesn't ha…

Donors Choose

Today's guest post comes from Lisa Brown, Learning Liaison at Cannon Elementary.  You can follow Lisa on Twitter @Lisa_BrownGCISD or on her blog is an online charity that allows teachers to a write project request in which anyone, individuals or corporations, can donate money to help meet the needs for public schools. Cannon has had numerous individual teachers as well as some teams participate in writing a Donors Choose.  Recently, our kindergarten team funded a  $1460 project to help create STEM labs for all Kindergarten classrooms.  Their effort as a TEAM to ensure ALL students the opportunity to have quality manipulatives in their classrooms is commendable.

How it works:  
You create a Donors Choose account.  It walks you through the steps of writing up your proposal by sharing about your classroom, choosing what items you need and describing how they will impact your students.  Once your project…