The GCISD Virtual Voyage is back!

GCISD Virtual Voyage

The Virtual Voyage is back and it's gamified!  This year we've added new challenges and you'll earn badges for completing challenges.  Some campuses are even offering a variety of prizes (jean passes, leave early coupons, Sonic drinks, duty free lunch/recess, etc.) based on the number of badges earned.  

What is the GCISD Virtual Voyage?    
The GCISD Virtual Voyage is a summer opportunity for you to have fun and step outside your technology comfort zone! Challenges can be completed in any order at any time.  Do as many as interest you.  The only rule is that you must share your learning with others via your blog!  If you've already done these things, please still share your reflections in a blog post to earn your badge.

How do I participate?
Follow the instructions on the GCISD Virtual Voyage website to setup your blog and badges spreadsheet.

What are the challenges?  
Choose from a variety of challenges like Google Hangout, Blendspace, Thinglink, Google Classroom, Kahoot, Google Forms, Genius Hour, YouTube, infographics, Twitter chats, gamification, classroom redesign and more!

Have questions?
Tweet them with the hashtag #gcisdvv!


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