Controlling the Projector from a SAFARI Montage Virtual Remote

The classroom projector can now be controlled from your computer through SAFARI Montage if the remote is damaged or misplaced. Because of restrictions in the newer Chrome browser this cannot be used in Chrome. This functionality will work in Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari web browsers.

Using the virtual remote in SAFARI Montage:
Virtual Remote layout for a classroom Interactive Projector
  • Projector On/Off buttons
  • Volume buttons
  • Mute On/Off buttons
  • Freeze screen/Un-Freeze screen buttons available
  • Menu
  • Can be used in common areas such as a Lecture Hall, SAC, etc., if there is a need to project from a computer and the remote is missing or not found, this virtual remote can be used.
Note: If used in a common area with a projector that is not interactive, all the virtual remote buttons are available. The layout on the virtual remote may be a little different than the picture in this post.