New features in Google Classroom

All summer long we've been saying to teachers, "Google Classroom *just* has announcements and assignments. Only 2 options!" So of course the first day of school they release new features! We are excited about the features, though, so we wanted to tell you about them ASAP.

When creating assignments, you can now turn the due dates on or off, as well as the time it's due.

When you log into your Google Classroom, you'll see that the empty box at the top to add assignments or announcements is gone. Instead you'll see a red + sign, exactly like the one in the Google Drive app in the bottom right corner. 
By clicking it, you'll now you have the options to:

  • Create announcement
  • Create assignment
  • Create question
  • Reuse post
Creating a question will allow students to not only respond to the question you post, but also respond to each other's questions in the thread.

By clicking reuse post, you'll get to choose from previous classes and choose old posts to use in your class this year. 

You can also move any post to the top of the stream or "bump" it up to the top. You do this by clicking the three vertical lines next to a post and click "Move to top." It will stay on the top until you create a new post.

Finally, the assignment view has been changed. After clicking on assignment, you'll see your students listed to the left and a screenshot of their assignment to the right. As you can see in the example I can see if they even opened it, as the ones without screenshots of the actual assignment show that they did not. It also makes it easy to both add a grade and view assignments at the same time.

For more from the official Google for Education blog read this article about more upcoming fall 2015 features, including calendar integration and attaching Google Forms for quizzes.