Padlet app for the iPad

Padlet is a creation & collaboration tool that is free to use with your students or faculty. When you create a new padlet, you are making a virtual wall for people to post ideas or respond to questions that your students can see and add to with the padlet link.

You can login to Padlet with your GCISD Google account to set up a new wall where people can post. Students can do the same, or they can continue to your wall without a login, which makes it easier for them to use. They can contribute to the wall you create with pictures or text. You can customize this information to show up as freeform posts or as a stream of information. 

Recently, Padlet released an app for the iPad. When students open the app, they have the option of scanning a QR code or entering the URL of the wall you have created for them. Adding to the wall itself works similarly to the experience they would have using a browser. Double tapping the wall brings up the box to add media. Padlet can be used for a myriad of activities: brainstorming, book reviews, formative assessment on a topic, or even as a library suggestion box! In what ways do you use Padlet?

For more on Padlet, see this previous post from the GCISD Lead With Technology Blog.