Student Data Notebooks

Many elementary campuses are exploring ways for students to track their own data and set goals electronically.  I spent some time experimenting with it this summer and have created a sample "Goal Setting Notebook" in Google Slides.  

Here are some example slides:

By creating tables, students can enter numerical data or color code cells to track growth.

Students can even insert pictures of digital or paper work into their "notebook".

To view the entire sample notebook I created, click HERE.  You're welcome to make a copy of it and modify for your students.  Or click this link to automatically make a copy in your drive.  

Now for the big question... how do I get a copy of this to my students?  Here are some options:

1.  Google Classroom - If you're using Google Classroom, there's an option on Assignments to make a copy of a file for each student.  It's super easy and it will name each document with the student's name.

2.  Force "Make a Copy" - In the spring I blogged a trick for forcing a copy of a document.  Some OC Taylor teachers used this for sharing Plan, Do, Study, Act documents.  View that blog post here:

What do you think?  What other forms would you like for your students to use?  I'd love to add things to my sample notebook!


  1. Thanks for this, Amy! You just marked one thing off of my Beginning of the Year To Do List. : ) I was hoping to create something for students to set goals and track data and this is just perfect. Thanks!

  2. HI Amy - This is fantastic! I am planning on using Google Classroom this year and wondering when the best time to start it will be. On the Reading Text Level slide, do you think it would be best to create a 2nd slide to show text levels up to 24 (or higher), or keep it on 1 slide and just skip some of the actual levels? That may be a better visual for the kids to see all of it on 1 document...? Let me know what you think. Also, are there step-by-step directions for setting up Google Classroom somewhere? I see a blog post to the right, and will check that out. Thanks so much for creating this digital data notebook for the kids! I think it will be great!


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