1:1 iPad Lesson Ideas in Your Curriculum Documents!

One component of the GCISD Instructional Technology CIEs for elementary is "iPads will be used to create original products, enhance research, collaborate with others and communicate beyond the classroom."  During our summer "Designing Work" classes and August professional learning on campuses, elementary teachers created sample lessons to meet these expectations.  

As you begin planning for a new unit in math, science and social studies (we're still working on ELA), you can now look for a "1:1 iPad Lesson Idea" link that will take you to a ready-made activity like the one below!  

Want to learn more about designing iPad work using the Information Gathering, Information Processing and Information Sharing workflow model?  Check out this presentation:  https://goo.gl/xpSOml

There won't necessarily be a lesson for every unit yet.  We need your help to continue to add to our curriculum! Go to this presentation (http://goo.gl/xaCiO0) and follow the directions on the first slide to add your ideas.