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4 Points to Keep You Up to Date on All Things Digital
A Somewhat Periodic Blog Post from Instructional Technology
1. YouTube Videos: When you upload teacher-created or student-created videos to YouTube, be sure to choose the Category - EDUCATION. We want to make sure your instructional videos are accessible to you when needed as technology services works on ensuring the digital safety of our students on an ongoing basis.

2. Digital Citizenship Week: Mark your calendars for Digital Citizenship Week from October 19-23. While digital citizenship is embedded in our work with students any time we are using technology in the classroom, this week will provide additional focus on the subject. 

3. Hour of Code: GCISD will participate in's Hour of Code for the 3rd year! Mark your calendars for December 7-11 and choose 1 hour to teach coding. If you want to register early, use this link - 

4. Google Drive Organization Tip: The more we use Google Drive, the more folders and documents we have to organize. You can right-click on any folder or document in My Drive and choose ADD STAR. Then, choose STARRED on the left menu to quickly access your most commonly used items.