Throwback Thursday - Get Epic! - Free English AND Spanish eBooks for Kids

We first shared Epic! with you last spring in this blog post from Bridget Visser, Literacy Intervention Specialist at OC Taylor Elementary.  Epic! is an awesome app that offers thousands of ebooks for K-5 students and is 100% free for teachers.  

There are so many ways Epic! can help the classroom teacher out! 
  • It is an app you can put on the child’s iPad or use the website.
  • It provides one more way to help children fall in love with reading! 
  • It provides a way for children to log their reading documentation. 
  • The choices of literature are AMAZING!  Many genres at all levels.
  • It allows differentiation in the classroom because you can choose what age group you are interested in reading. 
  • It has books read to you for the emergent readers.
  • It has chapter books of all genres for the higher readers.
  • It has books for all academic subjects!  Easy way to do nonfiction mini lessons in small group reading that seem exciting to the kids!
They've also just added a large selections of books in Spanish and bilingual Spanish/English!

One tip we've learned since last year is that it is easier to create your student accounts within the iPad app, rather than on the computer.  Go to to create an account.  Then login to the app to add your students.

Don't wait!  Get your class setup and start reading today!