Throwback Thursday - LucidChart in Google

Last summer, Vicki shared with us a bit about LucidChart, a mind-mapping tool in Google. You can access LucidChart by going to the link above and signing in with your Google account, or by going to Google Drive, clicking New>More>Connect More Apps and searching for LucidChart. 

Once you have LucidChart open, you can create a new document and start dragging and dropping elements onto your chart. You connect boxes by dragging your mouse in a line from box to box. You can download a finished chart to PDF or an image, or you can insert them straight into your Google Slides or Docs. 

A new feature LucidChart added is to make a presentation within your chart. This could be a new interesting way for your students to present or show work. See the video below for the steps:


  1. Hello, do you have any tutorial about creately online diagramming and collaboration software?

  2. Do you have a tutorial about creately diagram software google integration ?


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